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Touché Amoré - Home Away From Here
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Home Away From Here - Touché Amoré from Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me


Touché Amoré - Home Away From Here

"I’m coming to terms that I’m not concerned with planting my feet, but moving onward. I’m growing older, but I can’t get over the need of colder skin when I know that home is warmer. It’s just that I have this problem where I want to be everywhere I’m not."

Touché Amoré from so-paperthin

Goddammit, this is gonna be hard to narrow it down to only five…uhh, Gravity, Metaphorically; Honest Sleep, The Great Repetition, And Now It’s Happening In Mine, and Smoke Signals.

Title fight? from counterpxrt

27, Crescent-Shaped Depression, Leaf, Safe In Your Skin/Where Am I?, and Head In The Ceiling Fan! That one was kinda hard, Title Fight is rad haha.